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Ny mpitondra herinaratra vaovao an'ny fiara –NIO Automobile

Fotoana: 2020-08-27 Hits: 1

The new power leader of the car–NIO Automobile will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 12 (Beijing time evening) under the stock code “NIO”.

NIO Automobile will become China’s first electric vehicle mpanamboatra listed in the US, and the second largest electric vehicle manufacturer to carry out IPO in the United States after Tesla.

Ny Internet fiara is “only fast, not broken,” and only one step ahead can lead the way. For example, when Youku first went public, the Tudou fell. For the industry that burns money,

whoever goes public first will have a greater chance to become a leader, and then survive and develop into a giant.

SUNSOUL has to keep up with the times, to make the Valve Tyre, Ny lanjan'ny kodiarana ary Fitaovam-panadiovana momba ny fanavotana more environmentally,

more convenient and safer, so that users can use our SUNSOUL products more confidently.

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