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Alibaba's Tmall Singles'Day

Time: 2020-08-27 hits: 10

De Tmall Singles 'Day-ferkeap fan Alibaba rekke yn sawat 200 oeren en 14 minuten 21 miljard yuan. De definitive omset wie 268.4 miljard.

It took just 96 seconds for Alibaba Group to net the 10 billion yuan ($1.43 billion) worth of gross merchandise volume at midnight of Nov 11 as the internet conglomerate takes the annual shopping bonanza into its second decade. This was shorter than last year’s 125 seconds to cross the same threshold, indicating strong consumption momentum shoring up the Chinese economy.

“This year, new consumption marks the largest departure from its previous editions,” said Alibaba chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang. “It is more than a shopping festival-it is also an occasion for brands to grow and interact with consumers.” Alibaba said more than 200,000 brands are participating in the 11th Singles Day gala, with 1 million new products being offered and more than 500 million users forecast to spend, 100 million more than last year. It added that the estimated consumer savings from brand and platform promotions and coupons could reach 50 billion yuan.

Op 'e jûn fan' e Double Eleven wachtsje, troch it beheinde oantal bepaalde guod, in protte minsken oant 0:00 yn 'e jûn om de meast betelbere produkten te keapjen. Foegje de fereaske produkten foarôf oan 'e winkelkarre ta, sammelje bonnen, en wachtsje op' e tiid om te kommen. Rjochtsje de tillefoan altyd sa gau as de tiid is, it resultaat fan 'e folgjende situaasje, en einlings, nei in dei fan striid, einlings alle nedige produkten kocht.

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