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Каква е функцията на противотежестите за гуми?

Време: 2021-08 09- Посещения: 111

By making the quality difference between the various parts of the car and the vehicle smaller, the purpose of reducing the vibration can be achieved. The function of the balance weight is to narrow the quality gap of the wheels as much as possible to achieve a relatively balanced state.

The driving mode of a car is usually front-wheel drive, and the load of the front wheels is obviously greater than that of the rear wheels. After a certain mileage of the car, different parts of the tires will wear differently. Therefore, tires are often changed according to the mileage or road conditions. Do dynamic balance of tires at the same time, add car balance weights, etc.

Предпазни мерки:

1. Before the wheel weights, the relevant data should be set on the dynamic balancing machine, such as the model of the wheel, the size of the wheel, etc.

2. When the wheel stops rotating, the inspection computer will measure the weight of the iron block that needs to be added inside and outside the wheel hub. At this time, the iron block of the corresponding weight must be attached according to the computer's prompt. Before attaching the balance weight, the maintenance master carefully cleaned the inner wall of the wheel hub to prevent the remaining dirt or oil from causing the balance weight to fall off.

3. When the deviation value of the counterweight on the outside of the hub is displayed on the computer screen, it means that the counterweight on the outside of the hub has been completed, and the counterweight on the inside of the hub can be continued. The counterweight operation on the inner side is the same as on the outer side.

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