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Proper maintenance of tires is as important as maintenance of other parts of the car. The following simple steps can prolong its service life. Believe us, regular tire maintenance can save you a lot of money and ensure the safety of you and your family when driving, even on difficult roads. Failure to follow these tire care may lead to problems ranging from excessive wear to premature failure, and investing in a new set of tires may be an expensive thing.

Although you can buy the most durable tires now, you can do the following things to further extend the life of tires:

Налягане на гума

The most important aspect of maintaining automobile tires is to check and maintain the correct tire pressure. Tires will lose pressure no matter they are used or parked, and they need to be refueled at least every month. Regularly check the pressure of all tires, including spare tires. The best time to do this is before starting driving, when the tire temperature is the same as the ambient temperature or "cold state". Proper inflation pressure can not only increase tire life, but also bring good handling, comfort and safety, including fuel efficiency.                 

Conventional front wheel alignment

Regular wheel alignment has many advantages. For beginners, it will ensure uniform tread wear of all tires, thereby extending the wear life. Secondly, you will notice any faulty parts hanging. Therefore, wheel alignment is an important way to ensure that your tires and car suspension components are in good shape. Correct wheel alignment not only helps to increase tire life, but also helps to improve the overall handling performance of the vehicle and optimize driving stability.

Въртене на гумите

This is another way to ensure wear between all tires and even the tread. The tires of the front wheels are easy to wear faster because of more traction and braking force. The tires on the rear axle wear less, mainly because there is less friction during acceleration. Therefore, it should be ensured that the wheels are turned at regular intervals. In addition, even the spare wheel should be used regularly. This will help ensure that all five tires and even the tread are worn. Another advantage of using a spare tire is that any problems with Stepney will be immediately noticed.

Wheel balance-unbalanced wheels can cause vehicle vibration and unbalanced tire wear. It is recommended to balance the rim assembly when the tire is rotating or when vibration is felt. Proper wheel balancing helps to reduce uneven wear, thereby extending tire life.

If there is any abnormal wear, strain or vibration, all the above maintenance operations should be carried out according to the frequency and mode recommended by the OEM.

Стил на шофиране

In addition to the maintenance of vehicles and tires, driving style will also greatly affect the life of tires. Hard acceleration will lead to wheel rotation, as well as severe braking and cornering, and even the best tires built for Indian roads will wear out quickly. Avoiding too much sudden braking and acceleration will not only wear the tires and prolong the service life, but also enable the vehicle to obtain the best fuel efficiency.

When will it be replaced?

Even if these steps are followed, once the tread is worn, the tire needs to be replaced. Using worn tires is not only unsafe, but also life-threatening, especially in high-speed driving or wet road conditions.

When the tire reaches twi level, i.e. 1.6mm height, it is time to change the tire.


If the tires are well maintained, they will wear evenly and have a long service life. Well maintained tires are safer to run and provide the best riding and handling performance.


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