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Опасност от стареене на дюзата на клапана Голям и малък клапан на дюзата на скрита гума спукване висок риск

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The tire nozzle is also calledклапанътnozzle, but in the structure can be divided into valve body (base), gasket, gasket, fastening nut,сърцевина на клапана,valve nozzle capthese parts, and each part has its own role.  As one of the important parts of the tire, the valve core carries the tire to inflate and deflate, and plays a role in ensuring the safety of people's driving.

In daily use, caused by tire nozzle aging tires and flat tire case is not a few, because the car's original tire tsui, basic it is rubber, rubber tire nozzle and tire, slow aging, will appear crack, like tires tire nozzle untight seal will lead to slow leak phenomenon, if turned a deaf ear to the words,  Not only will increase tire wear and vehicle fuel consumption, and even lead to tire explosion.  It is recommended that the tire tip be replaced when the tire is replaced.

In addition to the aging of the tire nozzle material itself, external erosion will accelerate the aging of the tire nozzle;  Accelerated aging of tire tip after sun and rain or chemical corrosion;  When the vehicle is moving, the tire tip will sway back and forth with centrifugal force, resulting in tire tip aging.

Now, of course, there are many cars original matching aluminum alloy tire tip, durability does increase, but with the use of time becomes longer, there will be oxidation, loose thread and gas core seal lax phenomenon and lead to air leakage.

Although the tire tip is one of the smallest parts in the tire

But it looks like Ant-Man from superhero 

Not big, not big!

Little man, the valve

It has a cap, a core and a rod body

Long round, detention 

Valve one-way air

Different core, different quality

The replacement period is inconsistent

Air nozzle replacement to remember

Check frequently and pay attention

egular maintenance of air leakage

Keep safety and air tight

Nothing is more valuable than driving safely

It is related to whether our car can run normally and safely on the road. For your driving safety, it is recommended to check theналягането в гуматаand tire tip at any store of Xiao Li Tire repair regularly.  In addition to regular inspection, in the daily car, we should also pay attention to whether the valve cap is lost, and be careful of the scratch that the shoulder may bring to the valve. 

Sunsoul се надявам, че имаш добро настроение, пожелавам ти здрави, щастливи всеки ден!


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