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Съвети за поддръжка на автомобилни гуми

Време: 2021-04 12- Посещения: 37

Car tire is an important part of car maintenance, car tire should be how to maintain it?Нека да разгледаме!

Pay attention to tire life

The tire is to natural wear, so the factory tire before the factory will be marked in the tire side wear limit, in order to indicate the real time wear of the tire.In daily use, the wear of tires should be checked regularly to prevent serious wear of tires from affecting the use.Tire will also aging, generally speaking, the life of the normal use of the tire is 4-5 years, after 5 years even if the tread wear is very small it is best to replace.

There is also a situation, some owners of the road is more bumpy, the road conditions are complex, the wear of the tire is more serious, if there is a puncture, three or four times to repair the tire, also want to consider the safety factors, it is best to replace the tire to the non-driving wheel or the rear wheel, in order to reduce the risk of a flat tire.

Remove tire foreign body in time

Cars drive in the process of driving, road surface differ in thousands ways, inevitably in the tread pattern with a pebble, nails, iron filings, shards of glass and other foreign matter, such as not clear in time, time grew, which falls off some of their own, but there are quite a few will be more and more "stubborn", deeper in the decorative pattern, when the tire wear to a certain degree,These foreign bodies can even puncture the body, causing a flat tire or even a flat tire.

Keep the left and right tire pressure the same

When the tire pressure on one side is too low, the vehicle will run sideways to this side during driving and braking.At the same time, we should also note that the two tires on the same axle should be the same pattern specifications. Different manufacturers and tires with different patterns can not be used for the two front wheels at the same time, otherwise there will be deviation phenomenon.

Above is the car tire maintenance small suggestions, I hope to bring help to you.



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