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По-добре ли е да имате широка гума или тясна?

Време: 2021-03 22- Посещения: 102

Nowadays, when people buy a car, their first consideration is the configuration of the car, such as the engine, gearbox, tires and so on, so that the car can play a better role.But a lot of people do not know what the width of the tire means, when we are in the car, in the end is a wide tire or a narrow tire is good?Next, let's learn about it together with Xiaobian.

Car tire is an important symbol of driving safety, because the car tire support the full weight of the vehicle, bear the load of the car.In addition, automobile tires transmit traction and braking torque, thus ensuring good adhesion between the tire and the road surface.Therefore, many people think that a little wider car tires is better, because the car tires and the ground contact area is large, the safety performance is better.

 Especially in the potholed road turning time, will be more stable.But this is not entirely true, because as wider tire areas increase, friction increases, and so does fuel consumption.In addition, when the car is turning, it will also be affected to a certain extent, so wide tires have both advantages and disadvantages.

Next, let's talk about narrow tires. The advantage of narrow tires is that when we drive, we will have a sense of lightness, so the acceleration is faster and fuel consumption will be lower.But narrow tires also have disadvantages, its disadvantage is that the friction on the ground is relatively weak, we are not very good when driving, so the braking performance is poor, encountered slippery road easy to skid.

Small cars tend to have narrow tires, and a lot of car owners modify their tires because they don't like the tires on their cars.But not all cars are suitable for wide tires, and not all cars are suitable for narrow tires.Car tires or to fit just good, not because of their own preferences and easy to change the car tire, if not good, not only will lead to a slow start car, but also increase fuel consumption.

If we usually want to change tires, we must pay attention to the replacement of tire specifications and the original car tire specifications, so as to ensure driving safety, do not in order to the so-called performance, and take their own lives joking.Secondly, when we change the tire, we should pay attention to the best replacement of two tires at the same time, and the coaxial tire must be the same size, the same pattern and so on, which is also to ensure our driving safety.If the size of the coaxial tire, the pattern is good, the car is easy to accident when driving.

So how should we usually maintain the car tires?First of all, we should check the tire pressure regularly, not too high or too low.In particular, the tire pressure will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, so we should appropriately reduce or increase the tire pressure in summer and winter.

And we should often remove debris inside the tire, such as small stones, to pull out in time.If it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to cause a flat tire when driving.In addition, we also have to check the tire wear regularly, if the tire wear is very serious, must be replaced in advance.If a tire goes into a nail, even if it doesn't leak, replace it in time.We should also pay attention to avoid those potholes when driving, otherwise the tire is compressed easy to appear bulge.

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