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Как да преценим дали автомобилните гуми са податливи на пробиване

Време: 2022-03 14- Посещения: 222

The service life of car tires is generally about 3-5 years. As a very important part of the car, it is related to our driving safety.  Once a car tire failure or sudden puncture, the consequences are unimaginable.  So how do we usually judge whether the car tire will burst?  First of all, we can judge by the tread pattern depth of the tire. Generally, the tread pattern depth of the tire is greater than 3.5mm, which is a good state, and the tread pattern depth of the tire is in the normal state of 2.5-3.5mm.  When the tread pattern depth of the tire reaches the limit of 1.6mm, it means that the tread pattern of the automobile tire has been worn to the limit, and a new tire must be replaced immediately.  If continue to drive, tires are easy to blow out of control, is very dangerous.  

Secondly, we can judge whether tires are easy to burst through cracks in the side wall of car tires. As we all know, car tires are rubber products, which are easy to aging in the wind and sun for a long time, and then produce cracks.  When the tire side wall crack is more serious, it is likely to cause a tire burst, so we must go to the repair shop in time to replace a new tire.  

In addition, we can also judge whether the tire is easy to burst through the bumps and bubbles on the tire surface. The reason why the bumps and bubbles are produced on the surface of the tire is that the strength of the tire is not enough.  This will not only lead to tire pressure instability, and can even cause tires to burst, so when you see bumps and bubbles on the tire must pay attention to.  

So how should we avoid a flat tire when driving a car?  First of all, we should check the tire pressure regularly. Abnormal tire pressure is an important cause of tire burst.  Whether the tire pressure is too high or too low can cause a flat tire, so you must check the tяростен натискнасам-натамm time to time when driving.  

Secondly, we should check the tire wear regularly. If the tire wear of the car is very severe, we must replace the tire in time. Do not continue on the road, otherwise it is likely to cause a tire burst.  In addition, we also need to clean up the small stones in the tire in a timely manner, because the car tire contact with the ground for a long time, in the process of driving will inevitably embed small stones and other sharp things.  If not cleaned promptly, these sharp objects are likely to puncture the tire and cause a flat tire.  

If the car suddenly blew a гума while driving, people should not be too panic, must keep calm.  And to use both hands to control the steering wheel, as far as possible to maintain the original driving direction of the car.  Immediately release the accelerator, lightly brake, and pull to the side of the road when the car slows down.  

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