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Как да регулирате налягането в гумите по-разумно

Време: 2022-01 06- Посещения: 43

 In addition, if the road surface is ice in winter, try not to drive out, driving in winter should also be more careful not to be greedy, otherwise it is easy to happen dangerous.  

 As we all know, automobile tires have a great impact on driving safety. Because the tires are rubber products, they are worn during use, so it is necessary to check the tires before going out.

 In addition to whether the vehicle has foreign matters and wear, there is also a very important thing: tire pressure. The tire pressure suitable for different seasons is different and needs to be adjusted in time.

 Many people think that the tire pressure should be lowered in winter, while others think it should be the standard value. You know, due to the relatively low temperature in winter, automobile tires will be affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction, so we should adjust the tire pressure to the appropriate range. Some car owners said that the tire pressure should be lowered in winter, which can increase the contact area between the tread and the ground. However, this approach is wrong. If the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the friction coefficient between the tire and the road, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

 In addition, too low tire pressure will increase vehicle fuel consumption, aggravate tire sidewall deformation, easily lead to tire burst, which will seriously threaten our driving safety. Therefore, the tire pressure cannot be adjusted too low in winter.

 Generally, the normal tire pressure value of automobile tires is between 2.3bar-2.5bar, but each vehicle has its own recommended tire pressure standard when leaving the factory. The specific tire pressure adjustment shall be determined according to the tire pressure value of its own model, and it shall be slightly increased on the basis of the recommended tire pressure value. For example, if the factory recommended tire pressure is 2.4bar, we need to hit about 0.2bar more than the factory recommended tire pressure and adjust the tire pressure to 2.6bar.

 In addition, regular maintenance is also very important. Because it is cold in winter, car tires will become harder and more brittle, and it is easier to puncture the tire. Therefore, we should regularly clean the sundries in the tire tread.

 In addition, if the road is covered with ice in winter, try not to drive out. Be more careful not to drive too fast in winter, otherwise it is easy to be dangerous.




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