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Do you have these 3 phenomena on your car tires

Време: 2021-06 21- Посещения: 51

Summer high temperature, and more rain, car tires like a time bomb, if you do not pay attention to it is easy to affect driving safety.Today, Xiaobian will tell you about those things about car tires.

1. The tire wear surface is close to the wear mark

Car tires and the ground often contact, wear is very normal, if the wear surface is more serious, close to the wear mark, it needs to be replaced in time.If the wear mark, basically the tire does not have any grip, especially in light rain weather easy to slip, if the weather is hot, easy to burst tire.

2, tire bulge, aging cracking and other phenomena

If the car is not used for a long time, the tire is easy to age and crack;If used frequently, the tire is in contact with the ground, sometimes on the side, and it can leave bruises, or it can become swollen, which is a safety hazard.There may be a flat tire at any time, so you need to check it carefully.

3. The tire has passed its sell-by date

The production time is printed on the side of the tire. You can observe it by yourself.Generally speaking, the use time of tires is within 3 years, even if it is not used once, more than 3 years of tires are not allowed to continue to use, so as not to leave a safety hazard.In addition, even if the road tire, also can not exceed 8 years, sometimes also need to look at your road conditions.

Because tires are used beyond their expiration date, the risk of a flat tire increases.In addition, Xiaobian still want to remind everyone, don't wait until the car tire really has a problem, such as: tire is tied and so on, just think about to repair, or check, always pay attention to, especially in the hot summer, cold winter.

Sunsoul се надявам, че имаш добро настроение, пожелавам ти здрави, щастливи всеки ден!


Do you have these 3 phenomena on your car tires 1

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