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Изборът на автомобилни гуми има нужда от внимание

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1.Rated load

Must first ensure that the tyres are not overloaded when choosing a tyre, for the same specifications of the tires may have different load capacity, must pay attention to when choose, one is the same specifications of the tires with different structural layers, so the load capacity is different also, want to choose carefully, 2 it is the same specifications of the tire in a single use and twins and the permissible load is different also, twins and loading, because of the road camber and axle load after the bending deformation, inside and outside the tire load is different, the two state of carrying capacity is the sum of the single tire around 1.72 times, 2 times is not.


ire production date is also very important, in the tire near the hub can see a series of four digits, the first two are the production week, the last two are the year of production, if you go to buy a tire, if the tire has been put for a long time, then the tire may be aging, affecting the performance.

3.Avoid retread tyres

In the choose and buy to avoid as far as possible refurbished tire, in the choose and buy must pay attention to, identify refurbished tire method is very simple, the most common is to observe the color and luster of the tire, refurbished tire color and luster are relatively dim, touch the time will leave fingerprints, so hit such tires do not buy blindly.

At the same time, a sign of car tires have some bumps, indicate the tire model and performance, these also identify the breakthrough of retreaded tire, a sign of the refurbished tyres are to go up after renovation, and the symbol of new tires is and the tires, identification method is to use the fingernails scratching at these signs, general renovation tire of these signs are not very tight, can hold off must be refurbished tyres.

4.Pay attention to tire types

When choosing tires, be careful not to mix different types of tires, such as those suitable for off-road vehicles, together with those of ordinary cars, or directional sports car tires with ordinary tires.

5.Tyre buffering performance

Tires must have good cushioning performance, together with the suspension absorb and cushion the vibration of the vehicle, if the tire cushioning performance is not good, will affect the ride comfort of the vehicle, but also affect the life of other parts of the vehicle.

6.The tire noise

Tires will produce noise in the process of driving. Tires with different structures and patterns will produce different levels of noise at different speeds, and sometimes the noise will reach an annoying degree.The above is about how to choose tires, car tire selection method to introduce the content, I hope to be helpful to you.


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