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Силата на малкия корпус Беседа за клапана (TPMS VALVE)

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As the only part of the car in contact with the ground, the importance of the tire for the safety of the vehicle is self-evident.And for a tire, in addition to the tire crown, belt layer, curtain layer, airtight layer several parts to build a firm internal structure, have you ever thought that the insignificant valve mouth also plays a decisive role in driving safety?If you don't know much about the little valves, don't worry. Today we will tell you about the valves.

An introduction to the valve nozzle

The valve mouth is a one-way valve used for filling and discharging the gas in the tire and maintaining the air pressure in the tire.Nowadays, the tires used in automobiles are all bladdeless tires. The valve mouth is separated from the tire in structure, and the valve mouth is installed on the rim to play its role.

The function of the valve nozzle

Although the valve mouth is small, it can be divided into valve mouth body (base), sealing gasket, gasket, fastening nut, valve core, valve mouth cap, and each part also has its own role. 

Structure of door mouth

The valve nozzle body (base) is the only way for the gas to enter the tire, while accommodating and protecting the valve core;Fastening nut is known from the name of its role is to make the valve mouth and the wheel ring fixed more firmly;Two gaskets of different materials cooperate with the fastening of the fastening nut;The rubber sealing gasket plays the role of sealing to prevent air leakage on the inside of the wheel ring;The often lost valve cap can avoid the intrusion of foreign bodies on the valve, and achieve the second sealing of the valve.While ensuring the smooth injection of gas into the tire, the valve core also has the function of preventing gas leakage.

Valve nozzles of different materials

After the introduction of the valve, let's enter the key content of today. We will introduce the characteristics of the valve with different materials to you.Yes, with different metal materials used in all aspects of the automotive parts, the valve is no longer a single rubber material, metal has been widely used in the valve, and in the current market, rubber, steel, aluminum alloy valve three materials are the most common.(Price is for reference only)

Rubber valve mouths

As the most common valve mouth material, the lower cost makes the rubber valve mouth is widely assembled in the original wheel ring, and the cost of replacement in the future is also very low .

Rubber valve nozzle is introduced

However, due to the inevitable aging of the rubber material, the valve nozzle will gradually crack, deform and lose elasticity.When the vehicle is driving, the rubber valve mouth will swing back and forth with the centrifugal force and deform, which will further promote the aging of rubber.In general, the life of the rubber valve nozzle is 3-4 years, and the service life of the tire is similar, so it is recommended that the rubber valve nozzle be replaced together when the tire is replaced.

The valve nozzles of the three materials also have obvious differences in their own weights, and their weights will have a certain impact on the unsprung mass and dynamic balance of the vehicle (the smaller the unsprung mass, the better the dynamic response and handling performance of the vehicle). Therefore, we weigh the valve nozzles of the three materials.(The weighing result is the total weight of the 4 valve nozzles)

After weighing, the total weight of the four rubber valve nozzles is about 70g, and the weight is located in the middle of the three material valve nozzles.

Steel valve

In order to avoid the aging problem of rubber valve, metal valve is gradually appearing on the market, and steel valve is one of them.Because material material produced a change, the price of steel valve mouth should be higher than rubber valve mouth many.

he service life of steel valves is two to three times longer than that of rubber valves. This is mainly due to the fact that the metal is less susceptible to oxidation and the superior air tightness of the metal valves.

However, the steel valve is the heaviest of the three, with a total weight of 150g for four steel valves.Considering the dynamic balance of the tire, more counterweights need to be assembled on the wheel rim after the steel valve nozzle is installed, which will increase the unsprung mass of the vehicle.

Aluminum alloy valve nozzles

Aluminum alloy valve mouth also belongs to the metal valve mouth, its service life and air tightness and steel valve mouth, but the price is further rising, 200 yuan/set and 60 yuan/a price some other people take a breath, this is mainly because aluminum alloy is lighter than steel, which is undoubtedly more favorable to the dynamic balance of the wheel.

Installation of valve orifice

The valve nozzle assembly can be divided into screw-mount type, compression type and buckle type.For example, the assembly of the rubber valve mouth is the buckle type. The valve base is provided with a slot to fix it with the wheel ring, which also leads to the disposable use of the valve. Once it is removed, it cannot be used again.The metal valve nozzles are screw-mounted, fixed with gaskets and fastening nuts, and can be reused after removal.

In addition, in the process of installing the valve to the ring, there are some details worth paying attention to. These details are not only conducive to the installation of the valve in place, but also to ensure the air tightness of the valve and prolong its service life.Therefore, when the maintenance technician is replacing your valve, you should be careful to see if he is installing the correct steps.

Daily inspection and use of valve nozzles

In daily use, as the owner of the car, we should undoubtedly pay special attention to the slow vent phenomenon caused by the lax seal of the valve mouth. If the slow vent phenomenon of the valve mouth is ignored, it will not only increase the wear and tear of the tire and the fuel consumption of the vehicle, but also lead to the occurrence of a flat tire.From this point of view, the daily and regular check of the valve nozzle is not to be ignored.

The simplest and most practical method of checking air tightness is to water the valve nozzle to see if there are any bubbles.If it is found that there has been a turtle crack on the valve body of the rubber valve mouth, it is necessary to replace it in time.When the metal valve nozzles leak, the "blips" sound will be more obvious, and the owner can also judge whether the valve nozzles leak.Because the tire pressure will fluctuate with the change of temperature, we suggest that the tire pressure should be tested every month, and we can also check the valve mouth.

In addition to regular inspection, in the daily car also pay attention to whether the valve cap is lost, careful shoulder may bring scratch to the valve mouth, in the tire change, but also pay attention to whether the technician will tire wall marked yellow spot position and the valve mouth alignment, in order to make the overall quality of the tire more balanced.(The yellow mark on the tire wall represents the lightest point in a lap)

Note on the purchase of valve mouth

When we buy the valve mouth, in addition to considering the material problem, but also pay attention to the size of the valve mouth, the quality of the valve core and whether the valve mouth cap contains a sealing strip, at the same time, we also do not be blinded by the colorful valve mouth.In the purchase of today's popular tire pressure monitor, we should try to choose the embedded tire pressure sensor to avoid the loss of the exposed sensor.

Conclusion: It is obviously not wise to ignore the existence of valve in car life. It is related to whether our car can drive normally and safely on the road. Valve nozzles of different materials also have their own different characteristics.And we hope that through this article, can let you have a new understanding of the valve and a more comprehensive understanding, in the car life to pay more attention to the use of the valve, to ensure our own car safety.

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