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Еньовден през юли

Време: 2020-08 27- Посещения: 34

The summer of July, through the blue sky, hanging ball of the sun mercilessly grilled all the land. The sun is burning hot, the ground was like a huge steamer covered, choking. Even the clouds in the sky can not stand, quietly hide.

The weather was so hot that there was no wind, and the thick air seemed to condense. On the top of the head, there was a hot sun, and all the trees stood slouchy and lazily.

At this moment, eager for the arrival of a rain, this rain must be the kind of hearty. The rain is really coming, or after a few rushing thunders, like a rushing march,or a few screams of fierce wind. No matter whether the summer heat is dissipated or not, this rain can nourish the thirsty earth, the huge splash of water splashes in the middle of the dust, raises the dust, but it is full of joy.

The sweaty and heroic struggle, the never-ending climbing pursuit.Let all youth passion and sweat relax freely in this season, this season belongs to the younger generation. The permeable sweat is a kind of unspeakable comfort, better than the sullen, sticky feeling. After the sweat, enjoy the fascinating leisure time, hard work and harvesting the income is called life,every day has a harvest, that is the mood, is the pursuit.

I like the unrestrainedness of July, I like the unreserved frankness of July, most like the hottest purity in July.


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