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How Often Should The Valve Core Be Replaced

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1. Klepkern

The small Tire Kleppe is one of the important parts of the tire. The main function is to inflate the tire, and it is also discarded, and it can also ensure that the gas in the tire can be sealed. In daily life, this small part also needs maintenance, so as to avoid some safety hazards in the car.

This small part is made of rubber, so in the process of daily use, there will be aging problems, and even cracks and deformation will occur, and its own elasticity will gradually decline. Moreover, the rubber valve will gradually deform with the centrifugal force, so it needs to be replaced.

2. How often should the valve core be replaced?

Generally speaking, the service life of rubber valves is 3-5 years, which is similar to the service life of tires. Therefore, when replacing tires, remember to replace both at the same time. However, in order to change the aging phenomenon of rubber valves, some metal valves are now available on the market.

The valve core is a small object in life, but its effect is still very large, so everyone should pay attention to this small object in normal times to avoid some abnormalities due to long-term non-replacement or long-term use

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