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Inner Tube Repair Patch



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Inner Tube Repair Patch

Foil-back tube repair units

※ SUNSOUL Tube Repair Patches are designed for use on inner tubes.It will vulcanize chemically.

※ These patches are black with black vulcanizing gum on a foil backing.

※ High quality repair patches for tubes.They are actually twice as strong as the tube itself

ensuring every repair is permanent and safe.

Inner Tube Repair Patch


►Inspect tire for repairability using tire manufacturer of SUNSOUL LAB guidelines. If repairable, mark injury with crayon and carefully remove injuring object.

►Probe injury to determine exact size and direction, removing all debris. Injuries must be within repairable area and no larger than 6mm(1/4”) in diameter.

►Apply vulcanizing cement to injury channel and fill with a vulcanizing insert. Cut insert flush with the innerliner.

►Center patch over injury, outline for reference, clean using buffing solution and innerliner scraper. Mechanically buff area to a velvet texture, finally removing all buffing dust.

►Apply vulcanizing cement allowing it to DRY THOROUGHLY. Apply repair patch, stitching it down completely, working from the center out.

►Remount and inflate tire following all safety guidelines. Carefully inspect repair for leaked and tire for additional leaks or damage using tire manufacturer or SUNSOUL LAB guidelines. If all inspection criteria are met, the tire is ready to be put back into service.





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