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Why is the tire still flat when there is enough tire pressure

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Through the tire pressure monitor test, the tire pressure is obviously enough, why is the tire still flat?Let's have a look!

The tire is one of the automobile spare parts, also is the automobile can run the important spare parts.But can you really say you know anything about tires?

1. The tire pressure is obviously enough, why is it still a little flat?

Usually, in this case, there is no need to continue refueling.Today's tyres are all vacuum tyres, so as long as the tire pressure stays between 2.2-2.6BAI, you're fine.If the tire pressure is enough, even if the tire looks a little flat, it's fine. That's normal.

2. What is the use of the "Inside" sign on the tire?

"Inside" signs mainly play a positive and negative role, are installed in the Inside.If the sign is on the outside, you can be sure the tire is on the wrong side and ask for a reload.Because the tire is installed in reverse, the contact surface of the tire and the ground is different, but to accelerate the wear of the tire.

What do the yellow spots on the tires mean?

A hollow yellow dot on the tire, not the manufacturer accidentally put the paint on the drop, but the light mark, is also the lightest place of the tire.Because the valve mouth in the tire is more out, so the valve mouth is the heaviest position on the whole tire, with the lightest yellow point, the weight will be average, play a role in balancing the tire.

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