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Why are car tires black? 90% of your friends don't know

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Cars have become an essential means of transportation in our daily lives. The question is, have you ever wondered why most car tires are black instead of white, red, or green?We all know that car tires are rubber products, you know the history of the development of car tires, let's have a look!

In fact, the color of car tires is determined by different additives.The first prototype of a car tyre was made of a single tube made of plain canvas in France in 1895, with tread glue but no pattern.Then there were drapes and nylon tires.Until 1913-1926, because of the invention of cord and carbon black tire technology, laid the foundation for the development of the tire industry.

In the carbon black has not become the additive of tires, rubber tire additives are different, there have been many colors of tires.Until, the improvement of carbon black technology, also let rubber tires uniformly black.If there is any other colour, it is only on the outside of the tyre and the rest is still black.

1. In the 1950s, black tires began to be painted white on the outside of the tire, in order to demonstrate wealth and society.However, over time, the paint will peel off and gradually disappear.

2. In the 1960s, some tire manufacturers decided to use white additives in order to find a new way. Unfortunately, the strength of this kind of tire was too poor, and it was easy to age, and the manufacturing cost was too high, so they finally gave up.

3. In the 1980s, some countries still made tyres with white lettering or white ribbons, and even tyres for night lighting.

4. In the 1990s, tire technology changed again, the most representative of which is the Michelin tire company using silica instead of carbon black, so the production of many kinds of color tires, the quality is very good.

5. Nowadays, if you want to see anything other than black tires on the road, it's harder than winning the lottery.Now the tire material, the main composition is rubber, and natural rubber and artificial rubber, etc.Because of the carbon black inside the tire, the most important thing is that the manufacturing cost of black tires is the least, save time and effort, gradually black tires to unify the world, become the standard parts of all cars.

6. Another reason is that the market demand for color tires is not high, the manufacturing cost is high, and the price is higher than that of black tires.Although the quality has been greatly improved, but willing to buy color tires, it is very few people.If you had to choose to buy tires, would you choose color tires or black tires?

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

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