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When Do You Need To Replace The Inner Tube Valve

Time: 2022-04-18 Hits: 32

In the process of using the innertire valves,there may be cases where the device needs to be repaired first, and even some devices cannot be repaired due to serious damage, or the difficulty and cost of repair are too high, and everyone needs to replace the new device. to use. For example, in the following cases, you need to replace the device with a new one instead of repairing the device:

The main situations that require replacing the inner tube valve are: the thread is compressed, the thread under the compression nut is damaged, the seat is bent, or the valve tube is damaged and not sealed. The reason why everyone needs to replace the new device for use in these cases is mainly that these problems cannot be solved by corresponding maintenance methods. Even if it can be solved, the energy and time required are not cost-effective. In this case Repairing the device does not meet the requirements of everyone's interests, and there is no guarantee that the repaired device will achieve good results. Therefore, everyone is required to replace the new device in time when the inner tube valve is found in these situations, and there is no need to try to repair the device.

However, if you find through inspection that the innertube valveis not effective, but there is no situation mentioned in the primary election, then it can generally be handled by corresponding maintenance methods, and there is no need to replace a new device.

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