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What should I pay attention to when using a horizontal jack when changing a tire

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The important role of horizontaljackis to lift and lift heavy objects. Generally, special jacks will be prepared for cars, and car maintenance personnel must also use jack equipment to provide safe space for operators. What are the precautions for changing tires with a jack?

1. Pay attention to the specifications of customized jack

The original jack is used for the car, and the lifting range exceeds the vehicle weight. If the original jack is damaged, you need to buy a jack that can bear more than the weight of the vehicle. Ensure that the support is safe in use to prevent the unbalanced support from toppling and collapsing. The lifting range of the original car jack is generally within 1.5T. Most domestic jacks are small and convenient gear jacks. The gear jack is a hollow jack with a limited load.

2. Select the correct support point

Be sure to select the right support point, usually on the cross member with gear on the underside of the car, which is easy to find. The hollow jack support must be straight and stable. Select a hard surface to prevent the jack from penetrating into the road surface, causing uneven force and unbalanced support. There are special jack support points at the bottom of the vehicle. These vehicle operating instructions contain detailed instructions for the use of the jack. Read ahead to ensure the correct operating mode. The special jack support points for general household vehicles shall be located 20cm behind the front tires on both sides of the vehicle.

3. Safety warning signs

On the one hand, there are certain potential safety hazards when using the jack, on the other hand, avoid being disturbed by others when changing the tire. Therefore, after the vehicle is installed, safety warning signs shall be placed, and tires shall be replaced before removal.

4. j is always held

Jacks come in many types and sizes. The bearing capacity of the original jack is different for different vehicles. Take it away, don't lend it to others.

Although the horizontal jack is a small object, it can have a great impact when it is important. Correct operation is necessary to ensure safe use.


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