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What is the cause of the noise of car tires? How to do with the noise of tires?

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The tire is one of the most important parts of the car. If the tire is broken, the car can't move forward.When we usually drive, we often hear a lot of tire noise, which affects our driving mood.So what exactly is the cause of tire noise?What should I do about noisy tires?Let's take a look at it.

Tyre noise is one of the main sources of automobile noise, the production of automobile tire noise is due to the car in the process of running, the tire and the ground contact friction, friction will inevitably produce noise.When the car travels very fast, the tire noise will also increase, which is inevitable.When we drive on potholed roads, tyre noise can be particularly severe, and it's not just the tyre noise, we can also hear other parts of the car chassis shake, which can be very annoying.

Therefore, we can see that the noise of car tires is unavoidable. Although it is unavoidable, we can reduce the noise of tires to a certain extent.For example, we can choose those quieter tires with more detailed texture, so that the tire noise will be a little lower than other common tires.In addition, we can also stick a layer of cotton cloth on the inside of the tire protection plate. This thing is very useful for reducing tire noise.In fact, the tires run up more or less will form a certain noise, so we can slow down when driving, so as to reduce the effect of tire noise.

Car tire noise is a small problem, when the wheel abnormal sound is a big problem, if we can not eliminate the hidden danger in time, will bring very big safety risks.When the tires make patter sounds, most of them are nails or gravel. When we hear this sound, we must send it to the repair shop in time.

The life of a car tire is usually about eight years, or it has to be replaced once the car travels about eighty thousand kilometers.However, there is no uniform standard answer to tire life, which has a great relationship with the degree of tire wear.And some owners often drive through some places with poor road conditions, which is very harmful to car tires.

So we usually should pay more attention to the maintenance of car tires, first of all, we should regularly check the tires, including tire pressure, tire bulge, cut and so on, once found, must be repaired in time.Secondly, we must often test the tire tire pressure, if the tire tire pressure is too high, will lead to the tire central pattern wear serious, resulting in tire deformation, affecting the car performance.In addition, we can also give the car to do a four-wheel positioning, which is conducive to improve the performance of the tire.We must do a good job in the daily maintenance of car tires, so as to prolong the life of car tires.


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