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What Are The Precautions For Valve Core Installation

Time: 2022-08-09 Hits: 51

Valve core is very common in our daily life. Although many people have purchased tire air valves, some people are not clear about its installation skills and precautions. This will lead to improper installation of the valve element and damage to the valve element. Then, what are the precautions for valve element installation?

1. Select the valve core with good quality

There are all kinds of valve elements in the market, and there are also fake and shoddy valve elements in the market. The valve core with poor quality has a short life and brings inconvenience to your travel. Therefore, you should choose the valve core with a certain reputation, a large number of users and a good reputation. Such products can let you rest assured and use safely.

2. Professional installation experience

Many people do not know how to install the valve core. Inexperienced or unprofessional installation will not only delay your time, but more importantly, it will damage the valve core and cause inconvenience. Professional installation can not only improve installation efficiency., And the installation service life can be guaranteed.

3Pay attention to the temperature during installation

If the installation environment is high temperature environment, the valve core is easy to fall off and break during installation. The main reason is that the high temperature changes the internal stress of the valve core, causing damage to the internal structure, reducing the bonding strength and damaging the valve. Core.


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