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The role of the balance block on the car tire!

Time: 2023-06-12 Hits: 17

The lead installed on the car tire is also called the balance block, is an indispensable part of the car tire, the main purpose of the balance block installed on the tire is to prevent the tire from vibration in the state of high-speed operation, affecting the normal running of the vehicle.  This is also known as the dynamic balance of the tire.

A tire balance is a counterweight component mounted on the wheels of a vehicle.  It is to ensure that the wheels in high-speed rotation, maintain a balance state, so that the vehicle running stability, high comfort of the driver and passenger.  There are two installation methods: one is attached to the inner ring of the wheel ring, and the other is attached to the outer edge of the wheel ring.  The main function of the balance block is to keep the wheel in dynamic balance under the condition of high speed rotation.

The wheel of a car is a whole composed of tires and rims.  However, due to the production process, the mass distribution of each part of the whole can not be very uniform.  When the car wheel rotates at high speed, it will form dynamic unbalance, resulting in the phenomenon of wheel shaking and steering wheel vibration in the vehicle.  In order to avoid this phenomenon or eliminate this phenomenon has occurred, it is necessary to make the wheel in the dynamic situation by increasing the counterweight method, so that the wheel correction of the balance of each edge part.  This correction process is called wheel dynamic balance.

Balance block is generally not dropped, usually need to adjust the balance block, most of the time we puncture tire repair, strictly speaking, as long as the removal of the tire will do dynamic balance, such as for a new tire or tire repair have to do dynamic balance, at this time the use of balancing machine test,  The balance of the wheel hub in the case of movement, the use of balance weight in the unbalanced balance, and the usual tire counterposition replacement,

Our common models are front-drive models at present, the front wheel load is greater than the rear wheel, after a certain mileage of the car, the tires in different parts of the fatigue and wear degree will be different, so it is necessary to change the tire according to the mileage, or road conditions, at the right time, also need to adjust the balance block.

What are the consequences of an unbalanced wheel?

The tire balance not only helps to prolong the service life of the tire and the normal performance of the vehicle, but also contributes to the life safety of the driver.  Unbalanced tire movement will lead to irregular tire wear and unnecessary wear of vehicle suspension system, and unbalanced tire driving on the road will also cause vehicle turbulence, resulting in driving fatigue.

So it is recommended that you do a tire dynamic balance test every six months, which can not only make your vehicle safer, but also reduce tire and vehicle suspension wear.


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