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Introduction To The Function Of Tire Valve Core

Time: 2022-08-05 Hits: 105

Valvesare no stranger to everyone. However, many people only know its name and simple usage. Speaking of the function of the valve core, it is actually very simple, which is used to inflate and deflate the tire. The tyre can play a good sealing role after inflation. The composition of general valves is not complicated.

The small valve core includes three parts: valve cap, valve core and valve body. The existence of these three parts realizes various functions of the valve. Valves are widely used. In order to meet the growing demand of the market, the variety of valves is also gradually increasing. According to different functions and forms, valves can be divided into many categories:

This is a good consideration. Of course, the valves used in cars and bicycles are different. Therefore, according to the place where the valve is used, it can be divided into truck valve, bicycle valve, special valve, etc. It can even be said that different applications have different valves. This classification method better distinguishes the inner pipe valve and the non pipe valve, and whether there is a pipe is the difference between them. There are many kinds of valve assemblies, and different methods can also be divided into different types.


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