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How to unload a car tire ,Viet Nam

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1, in the demolition to change the tire should pay attention to: do not come up witha jackto lift the car, should first usea socketwrench to loosen the tire fixing screws in turn, and then use the jack to lift the vehicle.  

2, when removing the fixed wheel screws, pay attention to the direction of force: counterclockwise direction is to loosen;  Clockwise, it is tightened.  In addition, because the screws that hold the wheels are tightly screwed, we can use our whole body strength.  

3. After loosening the screws one by one, we can use the jack to partially lift the vehicle.  When using the jack, we should pay attention to: there are many slots for placing the jack on both sides of the car. We must place the jack in the slot to avoid accidents.  

4. After the jack is raised, the loose screws are easily unscrewed in turn, and then the tire can be taken down as a whole, which means that the tire is successfully removed.  

Matters needing attention:  

1, the removal of tires should be operated or guided by experienced personnel, must not knock disorderly, so as not to make the rim sharp edges, dents, cracks and other defects, and to keep the rim clean, prevent corrosion damage.  

2, only use special tools and pry bar for disassembly, prohibit the use of sharp tools such as screwdriver.

Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!  


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