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How to quickly cool down the car in summer

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How to quickly cool down the car in summer
When summer comes, the car will inevitably be exposed to the scorching sun, and once you enter the car, it is like entering a sauna, and it is like taking a sauna bath. In order to avoid this embarrassment, today I will share with you several ways to quickly lower the temperature in the car.

  •  Internal and external circulation cooperation

1. Open the doors and windows, wait 2-3 minutes for the hot air to be exhausted, and start the car;
2. Turn on the external circulation of the air conditioner;
3. When the temperature inside and outside the compartment is similar, close the windows and activate the internal circulation.

This method is more commonly used, but it takes at least 5 minutes to achieve the effect. Although this is a little hotter at the beginning, it avoids the excessive load when the engine starts, and the air-conditioning compressor can quickly enter the best working condition.
It should be noted that if the internal circulation is used for a long time, the oxygen content of the air in the car will be reduced, and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide produced by the incomplete combustion of the engine may also accumulate in the car. Therefore, it is necessary to switch to the external circulation mode in a timely manner to let the car Fresh air from outside blows in.

  • Open and close the door

1 Open the window of the co-pilot;
2. Open the door of the driver’s seat;
3. Open and close the driver’s door 5 times with normal force.

A Japanese aerodynamics professor discovered a very simple and easy way to quickly reduce the temperature in the car by more than 8°C. The principle is to suck the cold air into the car through the windows opened by the co-driver, and then release the hot air out the car by opening and closing the door of the driver’s seat.

It only needs normal force to open and close the door, and the number of times of opening and closing must be more than 5 times to achieve the effect. This method is very simple, and the cooling effect is very obvious.

  • Liquid cooling

1. Adjust the solution at the ratio of water and alcohol 10:1;
2. After opening the door, roll down the window and spray the solution in the car.

The concentration of alcohol should not be too high, and the spray amount should not be too large, otherwise there will be safety risks. At the same time, open the windows and turn the air outlet upward when the air conditioner is turned on. Because the cold air is heavier than the hot air, it will automatically sink. Moreover, alcohol is very volatile, and volatilization is endothermic.

  • Preparation when parking

1. Try to park the car in a cool place, if there are no trees, it is best to face the sun when facing the sun, so as to reduce the sun exposure as much as possible.

2. The use of sunshade measures can not only prevent the temperature in the car from rising too fast, but also effectively prevent the materials in the car from aging due to direct sun exposure.


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