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How to maintain the valve?

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What is the valve

The valve is the small part of the tire of the car, whether it is a car, an electric car or a bicycle, there is this small part on the tire. When pumping the air, you need to use a pump to connect the valve, and then Inflate into the tire through the valve, so that the entire tire has suitable gas, and it is more convenient to walk. Through a simple introduction, I believe many people know what this means, don't underestimate this inconspicuous part In fact, the impact on the overall tire is still great.

How to maintain the valve

How to maintain the valve

Many people think that the relatively small part of the Tire Valves does not require special maintenance. In fact, although such a part may not be very eye-catching, the effect is really great. If you want your tire gas to be stored for more time In the long term, the valve needs to be maintained. The material of the valve is rubber. After such a material ages, it will crack and lose its elasticity, which will affect pumping and pose a safety hazard during driving. So don't neglect this small part. It is best to check once within three to five years and replace it if it is old.

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