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How to Maintain Car Tire in winter?

Time: 2020-08-27 Hits: 118

Tire pressure: because of the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, winter tire pressure will reduce, if not properly increase the tire pressure, not only can increase the car’s fuel consumption, but also accelerate the auto tire wear, and at the same time in order to avoid the influence of tire pressure is too high, the control of the car, especially the braeffect.






Tire: in the winter, but also regular cleaning of the contents of the tread, avoid the use of more than one tire, and replace the wear of different brand tires. Tires with different specifications and different structures cannot be loaded on the same axle. The tire of different specification is installed on the same axle, can cause or under the steering wheel, easy to cause slippery, cause traffic accident easily. Even if there are different brands of the same specification, because tread patterns are different, it is better not to mix.

Driving habits: this is directly related to the owner’s factors. Start too fast, all of a sudden turn, emergency braking, high speed in many bad roads, scraping the obstacles, such as road and parking can lead to serious tire wear, thereby reducing the service life of tires. Therefore, good driving habits are the most direct and effective way to maintain the tires.

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