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How to choose a more suitable car jack

Time: 2022-07-12 Hits: 111

The Car Jack is a necessary tool for driving, when in the wild encounter flat tires and other situations, with the jack can complete the tire replacement, it can be described as a repair tool, but the car jack is more kinds, so which kind of jack is more practical?  Chenghua manufacturing below from several aspects to explain to you. 



More commonly used at present, use the most gf is a scissor jacks, scissor jacks with simple structure, easy to carry, USES a horizontal screw drive way to form its own structure deformation, thus to achieve the effect of lifting, we can clearly see the scissor jack's work in the operation process details, but the scissor jack lifting highly restricted seriously,  And the chassis is not robust, so it is usually used for low chassis cars.  

Vertical hydraulic jack usage is also very extensive, USES a hydraulic transmission principle, easier and more convenient to operate, and compared with the scissor jacks, lifting height is higher, the chassis more robust, is usually used in some higher truck chassis, off-road vehicles, etc., but to be sure is the price of the hydraulic jack is certainly higher than the scissor jack.  



And there was a car jack for horizontal jack, also a kind of hydraulic jack, it is the biggest characteristic of the safe and stable, because itself is horizontal, so the chassis, the dumping problem we don't have to worry about completely, and it's the lifting height of the same good, usually in some automobile are common, can be used for all types of vehicle maintenance, the only downside is the higher price. 



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