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How often do car tires change?

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Tires can be regarded as one of the most important parts of a car. It is not only responsible for driving the vehicle, but also bears the weight of the vehicle. Tires are one of the most worn parts on the car. In addition, On the one hand, the quality of the tires is also related to our safe driving, we shouldn’t be careless. So how often do car tires change? How long can car tires be used?

How often do car tires change?

Normal tire change: The tire is used as a rubber product, and its use time must not exceed five years. Even if it is not used, it may not be enlarged for a long time. Because the rubber will be oxidized when exposed to air, the rubber material will gradually become hard at this time. In this way, it will affect the reduction of the grip of the tire. Of course, the longest service life of the tire should not exceed five years. As for the production date of the tire, most of it will be marked on the sidewall, as long as it is checked by simple inspection.


Abnormal tire change: If your tire has never had problems in the use process, it can of course be used for five years, but can it continue to be used if it is damaged or swollen? Of course, this is not possible. Take the tire wall bulge as an example. Most tires are caused by the breakage of the ply. This ply is a key part of buffering the external pressure. After the bulging phenomenon, it means the tire of the tire the performance of the wall has been greatly reduced. If it is not replaced immediately, it may happen that a flat tire will occur on a certain day. When the repairman tells you that the inner curtain part has been damaged, then do n’t hesitate to replace the tire directly.


How long can a car tire last?

I do n’t think there is an accurate and specific replacement date for tires. Due to the different quality of tires produced by each manufacturer, the use status of each car owner is not necessarily the same. This will affect the different replacement dates, so the five The year limit is actually to ensure the safe driving of the majority of car owners. Some people may think that the tires they use are relatively durable brands and can extend the use time moderately, but in fact the service life of the tires is not only related to the quality of the tires. It ’s also related to road conditions,If your car often travels on bumpy roads, it is still advisable to use your tires only for five years.5

In addition, most of the tires of the current tires basically have a triangular mark, which represents the tire wear mark, which is also the maximum loss that the tire can accept. The vibration loss exceeds this mark. The grip is greatly reduced, especially in rain and snow, so if the tire pattern is worn to the limit, it will be replaced, and this wear mark is equivalent to the life of the tire.

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