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Good maintenance, the car will live longer

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It must be maintained when the car is overworked. The following are some methods for reference only.

  • First. Car maintenance includes internal and external maintenance

External maintenance: refers to the anti-aging maintenance of car surface and car body paint finish, such as coating of car surface, car polishing and waxing, etc.
Internal maintenance: refers to the interior of the car, such as disinfection and sterilization of car interiors, engine cleaning, cleaning of air conditioners, changing engine oil, car glass water, etc.

Daily maintenance items include:
Change the oil every 5000 kilometers.
Replace the gasoline filter every 25,000 kilometers.
Change the ignition coil every 25,000 kilometers.
Replace the brake fluid every 40,000 kilometers.
The air conditioning filter is replaced every year.
Replace the battery every two to three years.
Automobile brake pads should be inspected every 50,000 kilometers.

  • Second. Car internal maintenance:

Maintenance in the car is to keep the car young forever. The purpose of maintenance in the car is to maintain the car for hundreds of thousands of kilometers without maintenance and to ensure that the car is in the best technical condition. The key includes: air intake system, gasoline and diesel system software, refrigeration system, brake system, carburetor (fuel injector) maintenance, etc. This content is often overlooked.
1. Clean up the chair
2. Clean up the blanket
3. Maintain the car dashboard
4. Material maintenance: Immediately spray cleaning fluid on the butadiene plastic chemical fiber; then wipe with a cloth. Finally, don’t forget to spray a layer of butadiene plastic vulcanized rubber protective film to prevent it from becoming brittle too early, becoming more and more fragile and hard.
5. Car interior cleaning and maintenance: According to the three steps of dust removal, cleaning and maintenance, the car dashboard, roof, rear cylinder service platform, seat, floor velvet and inner door frame are completely cleaned and maintained in all directions.

  • Three. maintenance outside the car:

1. Maintenance of lighting fixtures: The immediate maintenance of exterior lighting fixtures is very important for drivers, because it not only endangers the comfort of safe driving, but also immediately endangers the safety factor of safe driving.
2. External paint maintenance: automotive paint is generally spray paint.
3. Tire maintenance: Check the tire pressure every month to ensure that the tire pressure is balanced.


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