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Eight precautions for tire inflation

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1, inflation should pay attention to safety.  

 To check the pressure with a barometer at any time, so as not to inflate too much, so that the tire burst.  

 2, after stopping driving, it is necessary to wait for the tire to dissipate heat before inflating, because the tire temperature will rise when the vehicle is driving, which will affect the air pressure.  

 3, check the valve.  If the valve and valve core with uneven, convex concave phenomenon and other defects, it is inconvenient to inflate and measure air pressure.  

 4, inflation should pay attention to clean.  The air can not contain moisture and oil, to prevent the inner tube rubber deterioration damage.  

 5, inflation should not exceed the standard pressure too much and then deflate, nor because of long-term inflation can not be inflated after going out and too much inflation, such as too much more than the standard will promote cord stretching, causing the reduction of its strength, affect the life of the tire.  

 6, before inflation should be the valve mouth dust wipe, do not loosen the valve core, after inflation application soap bubble water (or saliva) coated on the valve mouth, check whether leakage (if leakage will produce small bubbles), and the valve cap evenly installed tight, prevent silt into the valve mouth inside.  

 7, When the meridian tire is inflated, due to structural reasons, its sink and grounding area are large, so it is often mistaken for insufficient inflation and too much inflation.  Or vice versa, because of its sinking amount and grounding area is originally large, in the air pressure is insufficient also mistakenly enough.  It was measured with a standard barometer.  The use of radial tire pressure should be higher than the general tire 0.5-1.5kg/cm2.  

 8, The air pressure gauge used in the car or tire shop should be checked regularly to ensure the accuracy of air pressure inspection.


Eight precautions for tire inflation

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