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Car tires are very dangerous, about the car tire maintenance skills to understand

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A flat tire is a very dangerous thing when a car is running.If a tyre of a speeding car blows out, the consequences will be disastrous.If you are the owner of a private car, then you must check your tires and maintain them regularly.What should you pay attention to when maintaining your tyres?Next, let's look at some tips for car tire maintenance.

1. Know tire materials

Tyres are usually made of rubber, which can age and deform when used for a long time, especially at high temperatures.Besides, the road is not very smooth and there is always some friction.As a result, there will be some wear on the tires.In other words, each tire has its own life span, which is not a one-time thing.

2. The mileage of the tire

If your private car is driven within 20,000 kilometers a year, your tyres will have a useful life of about eight to nine years.Based on this time, you can calculate how long your tires will last.However, to be on the safe side, it is generally recommended that you check your tyres for age before driving more than 80,000km, at which point you may need to replace them.

3, check the tire pressure

Usually, when we drive, we often check the condition of our car's tires.Before driving at a high speed, we must first check that the tire pressure is normal.Now the tire pressure monitor will be equipped with an air pump.If the tire pressure is not normal, we can directly inflate it with the air pump, without going to the repair shop, it is very convenient.If you don't normally drive at high speeds, check your tire pressure regularly.

4, clean the tire clearance

Many people thought it was too difficult to remove stones.In fact, there are professional tools to solve this problem.One tool is called a stone hook, which can easily remove stones.It's very convenient and quick.In addition, this tool is professional and will not damage the tire.If you want to drive safely, you should check the condition of your car before you drive.Once unsafe situations are identified, they must be addressed immediately.I hope you found today's article helpful!


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