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Automobile tire valve nozzle, knowledge introduction

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We all know that tires are important for a car, but, for a tire, did you know that small valve nozzles also play an important role?

The function of the valve valve is to deflate a small part of the tire and maintain the seal after the tire is inflated.The ordinary valve is composed of three main parts: valve body, valve core and valve cap.Then the next small series will give you a detailed introduction to the car tire valve mouth

Type of valve nozzle:

1, according to the use: bicycle valve nozzle, motorcycle, electric vehicle valve nozzle, car valve nozzle, truck and bus valve nozzle, agricultural engineering vehicle valve nozzle, special valve nozzle, etc.

2, according to whether there is an inner tube: tube valve valve and tubeless valve tubeless valve.

3, according to the way of assembly points: screw mount type valve mouth SCREW-ON universal valve

Clamp -in valve and snap-in valve.

4. According to the size of the core chamber, it is divided into ordinary core chamber valve and large core chamber valve.

5, according to the valve core: British mouth Dunlop/Woods Valve, American mouth Schrader Valve, French mouth Presta Valve, German mouth and Italian mouth.

Valve nozzle structure:

The valve nozzle body (base) is the only way for the gas to enter the tire, while accommodating and protecting the valve core;Fastening nut is known from the name of its role is to make the valve mouth and the wheel ring fixed more firmly;Two gaskets of different materials cooperate with the fastening of the fastening nut;The rubber sealing gasket plays the role of sealing to prevent air leakage on the inside of the wheel ring;The often lost valve cap can avoid the intrusion of foreign bodies on the valve, and achieve the second sealing of the valve.While ensuring the smooth injection of gas into the tire, the valve core also has the function of preventing gas leakage.

Valve nozzle mounting

The valve nozzle assembly can be divided into screw-mount type, compression type and buckle type.For example, the assembly of the rubber valve mouth is the buckle type. The valve base is provided with a slot to fix it with the wheel ring, which also leads to the disposable use of the valve. Once it is removed, it cannot be used again.The metal valve nozzles are screw-mounted, fixed with gaskets and fastening nuts, and can be reused after removal.

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