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Auto tire replacement steps Brazil

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Necessary tools for tire change:jack, sleeve of loose screw cap, anti-theft screw removal head,nutprotection cover removal head, triangle warning sign, spare tire  

1. Find a safe and stable place to change a tire.  You need solid flat surfaces to keep the car from rolling.  If you are on the side of the road, park as far away from traffic as possible and turn on your emergency lights.  Avoid parking on soft ground and hills.  

2. Step on the parking brake and put the car in the "park" gear.  If your car has a standard transmission (manual), you can change the gear to No. 1 or reverse.  

3, put a heavy object (such as stone, concrete block, spare tire, etc.) in front of the front and rear tires.  

4. Remove the spare tire and jack.  Place the jack under the frame near the tire you are replacing.  Make sure the jack touches the metal part of the frame.  

5. Raise the jack until it supports the car.  The jack should be firmly under the vehicle.  Check and make sure the jacks are at right angles to the ground.  

6. Remove the hubcap and loosen the nut counterclockwise.  Do not loosen the nut completely, as long as it is sufficient to eliminate resistance.  When you loosen the nut, keeping the tire on the ground ensures that you are turning the nut instead of the tire.  

7. Jerk or turn the jack to lift the tire off the ground.  You need to lift it high enough to remove a flat tire and replace it with a spare.  Make sure the car is smooth when you lift it.  If you notice any instability in the car, lower the jack and resolve the problem before lifting the car completely.  If you find that the jack is tilted (at an Angle) when lifting, lower the jack and reposition it so that it can straighten the vehicle.  

8. Loosen all nuts completely.  Turn the nut counterclockwise until it loosens.  Repeat this procedure for all wheel claw nuts, removing the nuts completely.  

9. Remove the tires.  Put the flat tire under the vehicle, so that if the jack fails, the vehicle will also fall on the old tire, by this method can avoid damage to the car.  If the jack is placed on a solid surface, you will not face any problems.  

10. Place the spare tire on the hub.  Carefully align the spare rim with the wheel bolts and install the wheel claw nuts.  

11. Tighten the nuts by hand until all the nuts are hidden.  It should be easy to turn the nut at first.  

12.lower the car a little, do not let the tires bear all the weight of the car.  Tighten the nut as much as possible.  Lower the car completely and remove the jack.  Tighten the nut completely and install the hubcap.  

13. Put the old tires in the trunk and take them to the garage.  Ask them to estimate the cost of repairs.  Usually repairing small holes costs only a few dozen yuan.  If the tire can't be repaired, the garage will take care of it and sell you a spare. 



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