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A slow tire leak, or something like that

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Sometimes, repeated inspection can not find the puncture place, but the tire is still leaking, how is this?

A slow leak is more dangerous than a puncture.If your car is slow to leak air, check 3 places quickly to deal with safety hazards in time.

Check the side of the tire

The side wall of the tire is more fragile than the tread. When parking, it is not paid attention to, causing the side of the tire and even the hub to rub against the curb. After rubbing, it is easy to form the side of the tire.Over time, the formation of side tire dark leakage, or even bulge, will increase the probability of a tire burst.

Tread is tied generally can repair the tire, but the side damage can only be replaced by a new tire.

Look at the valve nozzle

Most of the valve mouth material is rubber products, long time use will appear hardening, cracking and other phenomena, resulting in tire leakage.The life of the rubber valve nozzle is generally 3-5 years, which is similar to the life of the tire, so when replacing the tire, the valve nozzle can be replaced together.You can also switch to aluminum valves, which last more than twice as long as rubber valves.

The valve cap also needs regular inspection and replacement. It can isolate the air, prevent dust, water, oil and other damage to the sealing rubber of the valve core, and extend the service life of the valve core.

Check whether the hub is deformed

If the hub is deformed, it will affect the tightness of the tire and cause the tire to leak.The slight deformation of the wheel hub is not easy to see with the naked eye, and it needs a professional maintenance master to check.

A slow tire leak, or something like that   00

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