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Natural Tubeless Tire tyre valve stems Tr412 Tr413 Tr414 Tr415 Tire Rubber Valve For Car



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Product Description

Sunsoul Natural Epdm Valves Snap In Tubeless Tire Valve Tr413

Snap-in Tubless Tire Valve TR412,TR413,TR414,TR415,TR418

Tubless tyre valves TR412,TR413,TR414,TR415,TR418

Material: Brass body,EPDM rubber

Ozone resistant for 72 hours

APPLICATION: 65psi maxinum cold inflation pressure and maximum rim thickness of 0.156″



tr412Brass Stem, Brass Core, EPDM Rubber
tr413Brass Stem, Brass Core, EPDM Rubber
tr414Brass Stem, Brass Core, EPDM Rubber
tr415Brass Stem, Brass Core, EPDM Rubber
tr418Brass Stem, Brass Core, EPDM Rubber


1. Sunsoul Snap in valve stem Quality is meeting with OEM requirement.

2. Burst Testing: Under the pressure 1300Kpa, the valve should not burst if maintained for 1 minute.

3. Flexibility Testing: After flexion resistance 40,000 times and the angle ±25 test, the valve should not be damaged or there should be no obvious cracks.

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Tire Valve stem
With quality brass material
Tensile strength is 410-460Mpa

Snap in tubless valves
With EPDM rubber
Resistant ozone 72 hours no broken

Snap in tubless valves
With EPDM rubber
Resistant ozone 72 hours no broken

Tire Valve stem
With quality brass material
Automotic assemble for core and cap


sunsoul 3# tire valve bag

sunsoul tire valve carton and pallet

Sunsoul VS Other Factory


sunsoul Advantage:

√ Each product has own model hole No.for trace quality problem in production

√ Each product with our SS logo and can trace after sales

√ Using Al6061 quality Aluminum to ensure after flexion resistance 40,000 times

√ and the angle ±25 test, the valve not be damaged

√ Thick body to reisistant Burst Testing under the pressure 1300Kpa maintained for 1 minute

√ Automatic packaging machine ensure the quantity per bag to avoid shortage

other factory Shortage:

× No model hole No.can't trace the quality in production.

× No factory own logo can't trace after sales if happen quality problem

× Don't do burst testing

× Has no Flexibility testing

× Slim body easy to be broken if not use strong aluminum material both

× Manual packaging can't determine whether the quantity of each package is accurate

Quality Control


QC//step 1

"Sunsoul tire valves products production quality is controled by GB/1796.3-2008 First: After the rubber vulcanizing machine press the rubber and stem together. Our inspectors check whether has any rubber stem plug the hole or extra the stem. We need take them out if see any defective valves."


QC//step 2

Seond: We do 100% test for air leak.We put the tire valves in water sink keeping 60 seconds under 8 kgs pressure. If we found the air is bubble,then we will take them out.Through this way,not only the quick air leak,but also the slow air leak can be tested.


QC//Step 3

Third: During the each production,which we are sampling the each rubber set to test before bulk production.The hardness we control in 65±5 ShoreA


QC//Step 4

Forth:This is pull in and out force power testing.We control this progress very serious.Each production before bulk production,we make the sampling testing.We control the Pull on power:180-450N,Pull off power:>600N under the TRA and ETRTO standard.

Production Process

100% Production can be traced throughout,and 100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal.


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