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SUNSOUL Alibaba live show

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What exactly is live broadcast?

Live broadcast is a real-time interaction, a way of socializing, and a way of entertainment. Live streaming is also a new way of content production. The live broadcast platform is a platform for content aggregation that can gather what is currently happening in the world. It is based on the content spontaneously produced by ordinary users, and the association between people and value content, the association between people, and the association between people and commerce, which generate commercial value for users.

You know 15 years ago, The fax is one of the main communication in the business. But today can you still see in your office Yes, maybe you can see. But it is just staying and sleeping there. Today we are very familar with WA, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkdin and so on. So it means the tools for living is changed and the world also changed completely So what we can do in this situation. We,SUNSOUL decided to embrace changable and adapt the rolling enviroment. So now we have taken live broadcasting as a normal state. let’s open the door to show you what we have and what we can supply.

Welcome all the friends who join in us, thanks so much for your coming!!

Here are our live link:

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