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Parting is for a better reunion

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The colors of August are made of gold, bright and precious; the colors of August are made from the sun, fragrant and splendid. In the morning, like a baby who wakes up after a night of sleep, there is a vigor and vitality everywhere. The flowers, the grass, are so delicate and green, which makes people feel comfortable. The beautiful morning gives us a wonderful start.

The wind in August is no longer so soft, with a wordless irritability, and even wrapped in a storm without warning. The sweltering summer is destined to be sad. The previous encounter was only for the separation in August. However, this farewell was the next reunion.

At this time, a summer of boring thunder started, and the rumble of the symphony burst into the irritability of the moment. The more impatient, the hotter it is, the heart will not be calm after all. How many partings in life, how many troubles, can not let go of the heart, leaving only will increase the annoyance. Look at the parting with a normal heart, perhaps in this hot summer, there is a unique ice, this should be quiet and natural cool. Not all parting is never seen again, I have you in my heart, why bother to care about you and me apart. Separation or loneliness, as long as we don’t forget each other.

Perhaps in this separate theater, it is a baptism of the soul. Meet again, you and I are not the original. We will no longer be saddened by separation, and the separation will only make us cherish this hard-won feeling. Sometimes, the short separation is a precipitation of emotions, not drifting away with the dust; but further deepening the emotion between you and me, without words, a look, an action, you can understand each other’s mind.Separation is an anatomy of the self,  there are always many misunderstandings because of the long time of acquaintance.Occasionally, the separation is for you and me to know each other better, meet again, miss will flood like the tide, no longer care about the past, only seek a little moment to rely on each other.

Life is always pursuing perfection. Separation is to leave a space for thinking and strive for a more perfect self. Wait until you meet again, maybe you will think how ridiculous your original behavior was. Many people always like to be dependent on each other. However, after a long time, contradictions will appear quietly. So why tangled separation time, If love between both sides can last for age,why need they stay together night and day?

All good things must come to an end, you and I will have to part ways. In August, this sad summer, a banquet was held. A period of separation, two lines of tears,very quietly I take my leave, as quietly as I came here; gently I flick my sleeves,not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away.


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