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Mid-Autumn Festival,a important traditional festival in China

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Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important traditional festival in China, second only to the Spring Festival.

The traditional food for the Mid-Autumn Festival is moon cakes, and the moon cakes are round, symbolizing reunion, reflecting the good wishes of family reunion.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is another custom that is to “Enjoy the glorious full moon”.

In the Tang Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Moon were quite popular. In the Northern Song Dynasty.

On the Aug,15th nights, people from all over the city, regardless of the rich and the poor, must wear adult clothes,

burn incense and say their wishes to the moon, and pray for the blessing of the moon god. In the Southern Song Dynasty,

folks gave gifts with moon cakes and took the meaning of reunion. In some places, there are activities such as dancing grass dragons and building pagodas.

Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival have become more prevalent; in many places, special customs such as burning incense,

tree Mid-Autumn Festival, point tower lights, sky lanterns, moon walking, and dancing dragons have been formed.

Today, the custom of playing in the lower reaches of the month is far from prevailing. However, the banquet month is still very popular.

People ask the moon to celebrate the beautiful life, or wish the distant relatives to be healthy and happy, and the family is “a thousand miles together.”

SUNSOUL will have a holiday from Sep.22-24th. So see you soon !



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