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How to identify retreaded tires

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Kobe Steel is the third largest steel company in Japan. Kobe Steel admitted on 2017 that it tampered with the performance data of some aluminum products and supplied them. The scope of involvement is extremely wide, including not only Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru. , Mazda’s Japanese car companies are recruited, and many non-Japanese car companies also use Kobe Steel, which has attracted global attention.

In fact, not only Kobe steel fakes, but many accessories around us are also flooded with fakes, and among them, the fakes are serious and the degree of safety hazards are tires. The most terrible many car friends know that they may be fakes, but they are all convinced that they are buying real goods, which is terrible.


The falsification of tires mainly includes parallel imports and retreading, so let’s not talk about parallel imports. Mainly talk about retreaded tires.

The identification of retreaded tires can be identified mainly by looking, digging out, and scratching.

1. Look
The color of the new tire tread is more natural. And in order to make the tire look newer, the retreaded tires are all painted with a layer of tire oil, which looks particularly bright.


You can also look at the inner side of the tire to check whether the old and new levels are consistent. Look at the date marks of the tires for obvious processing traces, if any, it is also fake.


Check the bumps on the tire tread and the hairs on the sidewalls. If not, they are basically fake. Because the tire hair is very soft, it will wear out within a few kilometers. Nowadays, no matter how powerful the retreading technology is, the tire hair cannot be reinstalled so neatly.

In addition, you can also press the tread, the new tire will not leave fingerprints, and the retreaded tire tread has a layer of wax, there will be fingerprints after touching it.


2.Dig out

The rubber nails and wear marks on the tread will not be easily pulled off, and the retreaded tires are added at the rear, which is not very reliable and can be easily pulled off. There is also the ex-factory date of the tire, you can also check whether it is loose.



3. Scratch
With a hard object slightly scratched on the tread, new tires will not leave scratches, and retreaded tires often leave clear scratches.

Retreading tires will not only cause economic losses to ourselves, but also cause traffic accidents seriously.We must take precautions!

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