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Does the older the car, the higher the fuel consumption?

Time: 2022-09-02 Hits: 51

Many people will encounter such problems. The more they drive, the more familiar they are. However, as the age of the car increases, the fuel consumption of the car is getting higher and higher. In fact, this is not a malfunction of the car. It is because some of yourcar partsneed to be maintained or replaced. There is no inevitable connection between the service life of cars and fuel consumption.

The increase in general fuel consumption is mainly closely related to 6 factors:

1. Check tire pressure and tire wear frequently

If the tire pressure is too low, the friction between the tire and the ground will increase, the resistance will increase, and the fuel consumption will increase. When driving, if the taxiing distance of the car is obviously reduced, you should check whether the tire air pressure meets the air pressure standard. Normal tire pressure is around 2.5bar, and it can be reduced by 0.1bar in summer. Also remember to check the degree of wear of the tires. If the tires are severely worn, they will often slip, and the fuel consumption will also increase. Generally, every 50,000 kilometers, you must change a new set of tires.

2. Pay attention to oil, clean up carbon deposits

Many car owners do not pay attention to oil products. Poor quality gasoline will increase carbon deposits. Too much carbon deposits will make the intake pipe wall rough, affect the intake effect and the quality of the mixed gas, and fuel consumption will rise sharply. Therefore, the quality of gasoline cannot be ignored, and it is essential to clean up the carbon deposit every six months.


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