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Do you know how to use car tires?

Time: 2021-03-30 Hits: 36

About car tires, many places are very need to care about.Tire pressure is too high, means that the car has an accident is too high, so in the case of often driving the car must often check the situation of the tire pressure of the car.The owner's leisure time, when cleaning the car, also remember to test the tire pressure, and is usually not on the roadside for too long to stop, so as to ensure the normal tire pressure of the car.

And if found in the maintenance of the tire imbalance, it will cause the jitter of the driving car, resulting in lower stability when driving the car, the car in the driving jitter, will be passed to the driver through the steering wheel.Therefore, the balance of wheel fat must be checked in time.

Car four tires must orientate inspection maintenance, if there is too big or too small camber and toe Angle, the Angle of different degrees of tyre wear, so it should be noted that in addition to the inspection on automobile tire tread pattern thickness, and wear of tires on both sides of the central and check, if it is found that wear is greater than the middle of the wear on either side of the situation, there is the shortage of the tire pressure, but when the sides of the tire wear too much, more than the middle, the tire pressure is too high, the need to detect.If the circumference of the uneven situation, it is likely to eat the balance of the car tire itself is not very good, so the daily tire maintenance, it has become a very need to pay attention to when we maintain the car.

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