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Jakarta Exhibition

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At Mar,22-24,2018,SUNSOUL team joined in Jakarta Exhibition

Indonesia is the third largest locomotive market in the world, second only to China and India. Due to the dense population, lack of public traffic system, traffic congestion problem is serious in Indonesia, the locomotive of the utility and convenience of the thugs welcome, has become the most popular means of transportation. According to Honda Indonesia branch general manager Yusuke Hori estimates that by 2020 the Indonesian locomotive market is expected to more than 10 million per year car.


The Indonesian locomotive consumption group is based on the middle and low income population, the consumption ability is limited, the quality requirements of the accessories are not high, and the price is the main consideration. Small shops or stall vendors can be found everywhere on the streets to provide simple replacement parts services through the locomotives. Because of its low price from the majority of parts, components, China.

Therefore, SUNSOUL has more confidence in entering into this potencial market.

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