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the Beginning of Summer

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"Helpless spring to also, and will cherry shoot candied spring."  

5 May 2022,  

We welcome the first solar term of summer  

Summer begins!  

"Start of summer, April festival, things to this time are false big also."  

Start of summer represents the beginning of summer,  

 And that all things through the stirring of spring,  

Has grown rapidly.  

"Start of summer" is not the same as "start of summer",  

At this time, only some areas in the south of China often enter summer,  

Most parts of north China are in mid-spring and late spring.  

The ancients divided Start of Summer into three phases:  

A cricket sings,  

Earthworms emerge in the second period,  

Three hou wang melon born.  

For the coming of summer,  

Many traditional customs have been formed among the people since ancient times.  

Many of them still exist today.  

Cooking beans, weighing people, eating eggs...  

Customs vary,  

But the yearning for a better life,  

Best wishes for peace and health,  

It is our common expectation.  

 Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!

the Beginning of Summer

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