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Team building activities

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On November 6, 2021, SUNSOUL will have a group building activity, destination: Siming Mountain Danshan Chishui .

Although the weather was not so good, it did not affect everyone's interest. When we started to climb the mountain, the road  ,The visibility is only a few meters, and the rain is heavy, I thought today was just to go through the show, but fortunately the weather is still helpful.  

The morning involved rock climbing, rope and other challenges, fun.  Extraordinary experience, conquer yourself,conquer fear, challenge quickly.  

In the process of crossing the cave, only when all members succeed in the challenge can they proceed to the next task, so the cooperation between the team is particularly important.  

Although I was afraid at the beginning, I completed the task well through mutual encouragement and cooperation.  

 At noon, I ate a farmhouse, eliminating the fatigue of the morning, and the atmosphere of the meal was harmonious...  

Afternoon activities real human running male activities, in the ancient village walk activities treasure hunt, this game is divided into three groups, each team to take  Good team name, team number formation under the leadership of the team leader to carry out activities, this activity can enhance the cooperation between team members, ditch  Unity and cohesion, see which team wins.  The most important thing in this game is to listen to the rules of the leader's game, as well as the members Cooperation is the most important!!  

 Finally, there is a sharing session, which combines learning with fun.  

 Through this team building let us know that everyone in the team is very important, only we work together to complete, can achieve . 

 Finally want the result, there is the rule, only understand the rules to proceed according to the rules, so as to win. 

team building activities

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