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National Park – XueDou Mountain

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In the morning of Nov, the air is cold . In this autumn season, our department organized a Mountain climbing activities-XueDou Mountain.The purpose of the activity is to break the gap between departments through this group building, improve communication between departments, and enhance the cohesiveness of enterprises.

Xue Dou Mountain view is located at the east edge of Siming. The peak is nearly 1000 meters above sea level. It is centered on the snow sinus ancient temple and the Qianzhang Waterfall. It is surrounded by mountains and has dozens of miles in the middle.

The summer resort- Xianglianggang, has an average annual temperature of only 16 degrees Celsius. It has the reputation of “no summer in June”. Chiang Kai- shek wanted to build a “second mountain” for tourism. Built in the late Han Dynasty and the early Jin Dynasty, the Maitreya Taoist Temple was known as one of the “Ten Temples of the Zen Buddhism” in the Song Dynasty. It enjoyed a certain status in the Buddhist world. In 1984, it was designated by the Chairman of the National Buddhist Association, Zhao Puchu. One of the five famous Buddhist mountains.

The pavilion under the lake has a natural and beautiful scenery. The Qifeng Valley has a variety of soft and interesting lakes and mountains, and the air is fresh, the water quality is excellent, and the fish is rich in fruit. The famous spots are squid lying and green turtles. Water exploration, chess island, etc. Now, the ropeway of Qianzhangyan-Tingxia Lake has been officially opened, which makes the three scenic spots form a circular tourist line and communicate with each other. The scenic spot is rich and colorful.

Come to the foot of the mountain, look around, the mountains are undulating and lush. Looking up, we can saw XueDou Mountain like a sword straight into the sky. We took the car up to the highest peak, then go from top to bottom, through a variety of waterfalls that flow straight down, and then to the Qianzhang Rock, the rocks like a knife, water like a cloth, the splashing flowers form a piece of water fog, in the sun, the rainbow printed on the rock, it is spectacular. Then we took the cable car and saw the towering green mountains and the long river.The beautiful scene is printed in the minds of each of us.

Finally, although each of us is tired, we are still happy to go back.


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