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Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is on May 9th

A mother's love is like the dew in the morning, pure and fresh and crystal clear;

A mother's love is like a plum blossom in the winter and winter months, with a light fragrance;

A mother's love is like a rich and colorful book, give you infinite spiritual strength;

A mother's love is like a jar of wine, passing the fragrance.

Maternal love is the world's greatest most selfless and sincere love, the world because of a mother's love and become more colorful.

When we were born, we began to enjoy the sunshine and rain of maternal love.Because of the care of a mother's love, so that our small seedlings grow strong and strong.Haze comes, wind and rain comes, frustration comes, suffering comes, do not be afraid, because there will be a mother's love for us to support a sunny day.


The power of maternal love continues the life of children.


Mother's Day

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