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Merry Christmas

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1. Eat the winter solstice meal, a long line during the day; Eat the winter solstice dumplings, the mood is better day by day; After Christmas dinner, life becomes sweeter day by day. I wish you a warm and happy winter, warm and romantic Christmas!

2. Although Christmas arrived, but I really don't have much money, can only borrow five hundred to Santa Claus to send you, give you Pepsi Pepsi well Pepsi safe and sound, I wish you a merry Christmas Eve Christmas!

3. No mystery, only send gifts, not silly, is Christmas; Don't pretend lofty, only show kindness, not superman, is the old man; Don't pretend to be friendly, just be friendly, not happy, is carnival. Friends, merry Christmas!

4. You appear, like the gods meet; You are like the lightning that cuts the dark sky; You smile, beauty is more than fairy; You wink, the whole world is crazy for you; Christmas read your message again, happiness forever, merry Christmas unlimited, information with you happy peace.

5. A little affection, two points of love, three points of auspiciousness, four points of wealth. Good luck at five, good luck at six, happy at seven, happy at eight. Nine o 'clock wishful, ten o 'clock happy, eleven o 'clock miss, twelve o 'clock ringing blessing infinite all belong to you. Merry Christmas! 

6 cold winter, wish you like Santa Claus have the same health forever; In a competitive society, there is no resistance to a career like a sled forever; Colorful world, happiness like Santa Claus gift full of baggage.

7. The snow has not fallen, the deer bell has not rung; Christmas Eve has not arrived, Christmas reported a few days later. Gently blessing with warm greetings, already came in advance, I wish you all the best, Christmas mood wonderful!

8. night falls, snow falling, neon lights, I wish the sound of blessing, gifts flying, my blessing and Santa Claus coming together: I wish you a happy Christmas Eve, Christmas joy, good luck in the New Year.

9. Christmas is coming, in order to protect the environment and resources, please reduce the purchase of traditional greeting cards, you can fill in the large denomination of RMB congratulatory message, send to me! fostered

10. Three Christmas treasures: Smelly socks chimney pockets; Usage: head set sexy silk stockings, waist cloth pocket, carry mouth chimney when cannon, white beard red robe old man is the target of attack, capture after stuffing into the pocket to take home, package your lucky star shine!

 Sunsoul hope you have a good mood, wish you healthy, happy every day!


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