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Lantern Festival

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Lantern Festival

The fifteenth day of the first month is the Lantern Festival, the festival sent a lot of joy, I wish you a happy family reunion, a lot of sweet and happy love, career take off to make a lot of money, a lot of happy life, good luck a lot of good things!

The Lantern Festival is boundless. It is fate to know each other.Night shining Kyushu snow, praying for a full moon.Only words difficult to do all rivers and lakes, not all blessing turn seven strings.Lucky festival often have, happiness with the whole year.Happy yuanxiao!

Send you a bowl of family photo, a happy, a sweet, a happy, a good luck, a wealth, a friendship, a health, a peace, a comfortable, a success.Happy Lantern Festival!

The fifteenth day of the moon is round, and the family reunions at the table.End the dumplings to taste a bowl, sweet heart warm.Go out again to lanterns view, happy and harmonious everyone envy.Sound blessing uninterrupted, happy smile.I wish a happy Lantern Festival!

One yuan recovery earth spring, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival.Full moon shining on the starry sky, brilliant lights make spring.Thousands of lights singing Yang, reunion products dumplings, its happy laughter sweet, happy taste fragrance floating.I wish you a happy family reunion!

Thick moonlight, point lanterns, light up the future different red, eat yuanxiao, blessing, sweet life good luck to, send text messages, good news, friends greetings the most intimate, the Lantern Festival, sincerely wish you all the best, the future is promising.

After eating dumplings to make lanterns, missing for you in the rapid rise, happy to the water from the wind, happiness with you this life, enjoy the moon to send blessings, greetings to you the most focused, happy to rely on Optimus Prime, good luck with your life cool.I wish you a happy Lantern Festival.

A round table, family group laughing;A dinner, delicious dishes more festive;A cup of wine, full of happiness and joy;A blessing, wish you more wealth and more blessing.The Lantern Festival, wish your family happiness!

Lights even star hanging, fireworks near the tree.Love and round stuffing wrapped, laugh from the color screen.Wan household wind listen to bamboo, three more months fall plum.Striving for spring as early as possible, the emperor repeatedly urged.The Lantern Festival I wish you good health, family reunion!

The Lantern Festival to enjoy lanterns, auspicious stars for you, Lantern Festival to enjoy lanterns, happy tree for you, the fifteenth day of the first month to eat dumplings, good luck porridge for you sweet, the fifteenth day of the first month to eat dumplings, dream of the month for you round.Happy yuanxiao!


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