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Jenny’ Experience Sharing

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Just last Friday, our team opened a sharing session, the host is Jenny, the content is to share her work experience, because her work is extremely efficient, and will not go wrong. So we all want to know the secret of her work, now let’s look at it together.

To sum it up is three points: 1. Take notes 2. Write down in time 3. Reflection

Taking notes is mainly to record the important work content, It is to let yourself intuitively see the work to be done and strengthen the memory.

Write down in time to prevent forgetting and omissions

Rethinking and summarizing is to review, summarize, think and analyze the completed work, check its own shortcomings and propose improvement measures.
people are very easy to forget, we must review the previous work to ensure that everything is completed, the purpose of reflection is to find their own shortcomings and strengths, change their shortcomings to gradually improve themselves, mention high ability.

It may be easy to do these things, but when you need to repeat these things every day, it is a huge task.

In the work, we will encounter problems that we have never accumulated knowledge and experience. We can’t just stay on the surface and deal with things
Because these experiences, knowledge, and even the skills to solve them, in fact, are in common, perfunctory this time, the next time you have to start again, is a more waste of time and life.

Work is not only for getting a salary, but also for growth and happiness. Don’t just work for salary, you should work for your dreams, work for your future, and only work hard in your future work, do it with your heart, have a sense of responsibility, and your job will be done better.

Let us adjust our mindset, work with love, work with gratitude, and have fun at work.
A person’s attitude directly determines his work behavior, and determines whether he treats his work with dedication or perfunctory, whether he is comfortable or aggressive with the status quo.
You can choose to maintain a “muddle along” work status, or you can choose a good work status, depending on whether you love the job, whether you have a passion for work and a sense of initiative.

Life is meaningless unless there is work; all work is hard, unless there is knowledge; all knowledge is empty unless there is aspiration; all desires are blind, unless there is love. The work of love is the embodiment of life, so let us work with love!


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